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Jun 15, 2016 | Project Progress: Discovery | 0 comments

We are currently in the midst of learning and analysis where we conduct in-context learning to understand values, perceptions and experiences of internal and external stakeholders of the BRA.  In this stage of the project, we want to better understand inside-out and outside-in:

  • What is the BRA? How does it and should it contribute value to the city of Boston?
  • What is the culture of the BRA?
  • What are the key touchpoints of the BRA? What works, doesn’t work and why?
  • What is the outside perception of the BRA? What is driving that?
  • How do people think about the future of their city? How do they want to engage?
  • How is the world changing? And how will this effect Boston and the BRA?

In addition to speaking with internal staff, we’ll be focusing the bulk of our learning on two development projects in Boston that are representative of the work the BRA does, are hot topics in the community and which will give us a tangible understanding of how all parties engage with one another. The projects are 3193 Washington Street (a proposed residential project on the border of Roxbury and Jamaica Plain in the BRA’s PLAN JP/Rox study area) and the Back Bay/South End Gateway Project. Across these projects we’ll be speaking with citizens, community groups, the media, architects, developers and the BRA staff who facilitate the development process.

We will round out our learning by conducting workshops in additional Boston neighborhoods, speaking with other developers and architects and tapping into thought leaders and best-in-class cities to understand trends in urban planning and civic engagement.

Throughout the project we’re looking for input so please participate in the conversation.


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