Thinking Past the Logo

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Project Progress: Create | 0 comments

Want to understand our nextBRA work? Then you’ll need to know a bit about the subtleties of branding.

A brand is far more than a logo, typeface, or some funky new colors. In fact, brand and organizational identity are closely related concepts. Your brand reflects your culture, what you do as a company or entity. It embodies an organization’s highest-level strategy and ethos.

A logo and marketing are just the physical representations of a brand’s promise. They are the outward-facing expression of your strategy.

A poorly executed brand identity focuses its efforts on marketing and changing the company name without doing enough to support the company’s internal culture. This diminishes the organization’s ability to reflect the changes that their brand signifies.

When done well, branding informs every aspect of an organization and spurs not only an idea of the brand in its consumers, but also a feeling, while helping the company to succeed. Consider brands like Patagonia, Disney, and JetBlue.

The goal of nextBRA is to make fundamental changes to the BRA’s culture and interactions with the community. We are redesigning what we stand for as an organization.

As we change internally, we need to change externally as well. Our current logo has been used since we were founded in 1957 and doesn’t accurately describe us as we are now or how we plan to be in the future. It’s overdue for a reboot. Updating our logo will signal to the community that we’ve changed—and to us that we must continually fulfill our new brand promise.