From the Field: Stakeholder Interviews and Community Meetings

Jun 22, 2016 | Project Progress: Discovery | 0 comments

At this point we’ve met with stakeholders across the spectrum, including several dozen staff members of the BRA itself:


Above: Chatting with Gary Uter, a BRA project manager


Boston developers and architects:

Post 2 - Stakeholder 3

Above: Lee from Continuum, talking with David Manfredi of Elkus Manfredi Architects


as well as citizens and members of the media:

Post 2 - Stakeholder 2

Above: Jon from Continuum speaks with Carolyn of Jamaica Plain


We’re also taking a close look at two proposed projects that are currently under review to watch the BRA and its stakeholders in action: the 3193 Washington Street project in Jamaica Plain, and the Back Bay South End Gateway. We attended a development review meeting for the JP project and a Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting for the Back Bay/South End proposal over the past few weeks.


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