Extended Team Kickoff

Jun 15, 2016 | Project Progress: Discovery | 0 comments

The week before last we officially kicked off the project with the entire core and extended teams. Everyone came to our new offices at 21 Drydock, relinquished their cellphones and participated in an engaging afternoon.

After going around the room to introduce everyone we walked through the overall scope of the project and then focused on the first phase of the project, learning. We took advantage of the knowledge and experience in the room and split into groups to focus on different aspects of the BRA:

The BRA’s Identity: begin to explore the mission and vision of the BRA.

Ecosystem: Understand the BRA and how it fits into the broader context of Boston

Journey Map: Understand at a high-level what steps, people and touchpoints are involved in a process like ‘Article 80’

Initiatives: Build awareness of the initiatives that are going on in the city and understand how they relate to the BRA’s efforts.

Each team worked separately and collaboratively for an hour and then shared out to the broader group the conversations they had and the themes that arose. We concluded the day with everyone sharing their hopes, dreams, (and nightmares) for what this project should do.


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