Core Team Perspective—Gina Physic

Jun 27, 2016 | Project Progress: Discovery | 2 comments

Living in the South End in the early 90’s shaped my initial idea of the BRA. Conversations on gentrification and rent increases throughout the apartment building I lived in remain vivid in my mind, and although my family and I moved to Los Angeles, Boston always felt like home.

This is why contributing to Boston’s future is important to me.

It is important to me that Boston is a diverse and welcoming city with an abundance of opportunities for all people. That said, I didn’t expect to be contributing in quite the way I am.

After graduating from Boston University I was set on working in the non-profit sector. All the networking I’d done would surely land me a position directly related to my research, right? Wrong.

As I began the interview process for my current role as digital media specialist, I immediately realized the opportunity it would afford me to combine my passion for digital communications with my passion for the city of Boston. I was excited, but hesitant.

Would working for the BRA make me a traitor? Would everything I stood for as a sociologist become moot?

“Not a chance,” those who knew me best reassured me, “If anything, it will be great for your voice to be heard in spaces it might not otherwise be heard.”

Shortly after I started, the agency announced we would be working with Continuum to improve the way the BRA interfaces with the public and communicates its values through its branding and workspace.

I couldn’t wait to be part of the process.

In my brief time at the BRA I quickly realized that many of our internal goals and personal values aligned with those of the public we serve, even our biggest critics. However, a lack of clarity and misunderstanding of processes, coupled with the legacy of the agency often cloud this.

As part of the BRA’s core team, I’m excited to share stories of the great work being done by the agency to better Boston. I’m also especially proud to play a prominent role in sharing the stories of those who haven’t traditionally had a voice at the agency or in the community.

Gina Physic attended Grinnell College as a Posse scholar and received her master’s from Boston University. Her graduate research dealt with mass incarceration as it works to uphold statehood ideals. Prior to attending BU, she began a career in communications focusing on consumer marketing and social media. In addition to expanding the digital media presence of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, she is currently researching the unique needs of Massachusetts’ female prison population and looking at the ways social media is used to strengthen social movements.