Concept Directions

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Project Progress: Create | 4 comments

Today, we’re sharing three possible directions for the next BRA. For some context, we encourage you to look back through the insights and implications we shared a few weeks back. We based these directions on what we heard about the BRA—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Click through the gallery below for more—then read on to find the feedback we received from BRA employees as we reviewed and iterated on the directions together during a half-day co-design workshop.

So, what did the BRA’s core/extended nextBRA team think?

  • They liked how Direction 1 (“Making every day better”) focused on how people experience their city, but they felt that it mischaracterized the BRA’s ability to impact all aspects of quality of life in Boston.
  • They responded well to the innovative, problem-solving spirit of Direction 2 (“Piloting a future we’re proud of”), and there was excitement around the elevated role of planning in this direction. However, they felt that this direction lacked the human focus of Direction 1.
  • Direction 3 (“activating vibrant social experiences”) garnered the least positive reaction among the group. They felt that it focused too much on fun social experiences that are generally outside the BRA’s purview while not addressing more substantive city challenges for which the agency is actually responsible.  We nixed this option based on their response.

So, next steps—we’re using this feedback (as well as any of your comments below) to further refine these directions and narrow down. Next week, we plan to share one updated concept direction!