nextBRA: A Project to Define the Future of the Boston Redevelopment Authority


About the Project

Photo Credit ktkochan

During the “Create” phase, we are thinking about how the opportunities we identified during “Discovery” translate into potential concept directions for the future organizational identity of the BRA. We are also taking steps to visualize and bring these proposed directions to life. As much as this phase is about big ideas, it is also a critical period for soliciting input and acting quickly on feedback from the BRA, the greater Boston community and all additional stakeholders.

The Direction of the Future

If you tuned in last week, you’re up to speed on the three directions we were considering for the BRA’s new organizational identity and brand. We’ve nixed one, and carefully considered the pros and cons of the remaining two. Ultimately, we saw real promise in a new... read more

Concept Directions

Today, we’re sharing three possible directions for the next BRA. For some context, we encourage you to look back through the insights and implications we shared a few weeks back. We based these directions on what we heard about the BRA—the good, the bad, and the ugly.... read more

Other Cities

Boston is a unique blend of people, neighborhoods, and businesses. At the same time, Boston also faces problems that other cities have tackled. As we consider options for the direction of the BRA’s new organizational identity, we want to support what we’ve heard from... read more

Insights into Action

As we move into the “Create” phase, we’re excited to think big about new directions for the BRA that align the organization around a shared purpose and guide its energy. At the same time, we’ve identified some implications that we feel are foundational to the BRA’s... read more